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In which market are pure, light, and delicious tea from the water sold?

Sheh water certified according to AZS standard of the National Certification System and packed in 0.5; 1; 5; and 19 liters of polycarbonate containers can be obtained from the markets where mentioned below:

Bravo, Megastore, Favorit, Rahat, Sari, Sebet, Fresco, Albali, Progress, Baku market, Ay market, Gul market, Chinar market (Masazir), Elgun market, Mahir market, Sev-al market (New Gunashli ), Saram (Bakikhanov c.), Aykhan market (Narimanov district), Sarhan (Ahmedli village)

Sheh water which is the part of "Sheh" group and is manufactures in H. Sharifov 24 of Gusar district, gives amazing taste to customers with quality water offered in Baku, Khirdalan and Sumgait.