The national brand Şeh has been operating in the Azerbaijani drinking water market for more than three years. Sheh water which is the part of "Sheh" group and is manufactures in H. Sharifov 24 of Gusar district, gives amazing taste to customers with quality water offered in Baku, Khirdalan and Sumgait. Certified and ecologically clean bottled water Şeh is sold in volume of 0.5, 1, 5 və 19 liters. Water Şeh is extracted from the most bowels of the earth in the mountains of the Greater Caucasus and is simply a gift for those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle. When you drink light and natural water Şeh, you feel the freshness of the Caucasus Mountains. The water is being equipped with ozone after five-step filtration and the process of balancing the mineral composition. There is the most optimal volume of such elements and minerals in the rich water composition: Ph, HCO3, CI, SO4, Na, K, Ca, Mg. The result is PH-8.5.